Why HEALTHeME will work for you

It knows you

Answer a few questions and you’ll get a plan tailored to you. Our system translates unique aspects of your goals, lifestyle, preference, and personality into a personalized plan.

It knows how to help you

HEALTHeME not only gives you a weight loss plan and interactive tools, it’s smart enough to understand how to help you. So when you use your phone to track your lunch, HEALTHeME will send you a text telling you how to improve on the next meal. HEALTHeME remembers what your preferences are, so it will suggest things you like to eat. HEALTHeME is proactive, it will continuously make changes to your plan to help you reach your goals.

It helps you stay on track. Every day.

HEALTHeME reminds you about making smart food choices, ways to burn extra calories, and figure out the simplest things you can do to lose weight. It searches your plan and preferences to give you the perfect tips at the perfect time. It creates texts and emails – automatically.

Need more reasons?

  • No embarrassing weigh‐ins

    Weigh yourself in the privacy of your own bathroom – not in front of a group of strangers.
  • Tax deductible and FSA / HAS eligible

    If your physician is monitoring our reports, the cost of this plan may be deducted on your federal income taxes. You may be able pay HEALTHeME using your flexible spending (FSA) or health spending (HSA) accounts.
    Consult with your tax professional for more information.
  • Manage all aspects of your health in one place

    Need to lose weight and manage other aspects of your health? No problem. You can do it all on the HEALTHeME program.
  • Not a fad diet

    We have 3 clinically designed eating plans to choose from, each proven to reduce weight and improve health status at the same time.
  • No meetings to attend

    Who has time to drive to and attend weekly meetings? Access HEALTHeME anytime, anywhere.
  • Secure & private

    HEALTHeME uses technologies and procedures to ensure that your information is always secure. We take HIPAA requirements as our standard to guarantee that your information is secure and protected.
Find Out Your Success Style

We know that people lose weight differently. Filling out the HEALTHeME profile gives us a complete assessment of your personality, lifestyle, preferences, and barriers to change. We then create a weight loss plan just for you!

Personalized Food Plan

All of our food plans have been clinically proven for weight loss. And based on your profile, preferences, and goals, HEALTHeME will personalize a weight loss plan specifically for you. HEALTHeME gives you easy-to-follow meal plans, food guides, and recipes online based on your plan. It’s easier to make better food choices when you know what you’re eating is helping you achieve lasting weight loss.

Personalized Exercise Plan

We tailor your exercise plan to your current fitness level, personal preferences, and your weight loss goals. Get easy-to-follow exercise guides online and even have daily exercises sent to your mobile phone. Daily exercise plans can be performed in just 20 minutes a day and while on the go. The HEALTHeME exercise tracker provides calorie-burning details on hundreds of activities so you can quickly see how many calories you're working off.

Real-Time Advice, Encouragement and Support

Get daily reminders and tips on simple ways to make healthy choices. Using what we know about you from your profile, plan, and journal, HEALTHeME provides targeted tips to give you the best results. The HEALTHeME online weigh loss plan stays in contact with you on a daily basis-providing motivation and guidance wherever you are and whenever you need it the most.

Your Online Weight Loss Plan, Only Better!

Track your food, exercise, and other important health measurements with HEALTHeME. Monitor your sleep patterns, stress levels, mood, blood pressure, blood sugar, pain management, and even track your medications. Then stay on track and motivated with our easy-to-understand charts and reports. Here are examples of what you'll learn from our weekly reports:

  • How many calories you've eaten compared with how many you've burned from physical activity.
  • An explanation of nutrients you’ve consumed for the week compared to your ideal.
  • Average amount of water consumed for the week.
  • Personal feedback that includes specific tips on ways to improve the next week.