Fits into your life simply

This is a weight loss program the way it should be: personalized and simple. A weight loss program should give you only the advice you can actually use. It should fit seamlessly into your life so you can stay on track every day from anywhere. Here is how HEALTHeME works:

A Weight Loss Plan in 4 Easy Steps

Get your HEALTHeME on any computer or mobile phone. Just answer a few question at registration and BINGO, you have a personalized plan that’s simple to use.

  1. Follow your tips

    Get daily reminders, make better choices. Using what we know about you from your profile, plan, and journal, we provide you with targeted tips to give you the best results.

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  2. Track your progress

    You can only change what you can measure! Research proves that tracking everything from what you eat, and exercises you do, to your daily stress level, and sleep patterns will help to improve your health. HEALTHeME uses information from your profile and interactive trackers to get to know your preferences and habits. So we can help you improve everyday choices in the most personalized way possible.

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  3. Show off your figures

    Sharing your progress with your healthcare provider is easy because we do it for you! Just provide their name and fax number when you register and we will take care of the rest, safely and securely. Not only will your doctor be able to offer you encouragement, they will be able to help you find areas for improvement and ways to remove barriers to success.

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  4. See your results

    (online or via weekly email) - See your progress and quickly spot areas for improvement with our easy-to-understand charts and reports.

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