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Personalized reminders at the right time

Andrea can start a weight loss plan, but can't finish.  Stressful events seem to pop up every time and she eventually quits.  HEALTHeME helps her stay in control to lose weight and keep it off.

Your plan evolves,
just like you

When Andrea manages her mood and stress, she gets more confident to make healthy changes.  Her plan changes when she does, getting more challenging as her self-confidence grows.

Proven Effective

67% of our users improved their moods;
and 63% of our users better
managed daily stress

Text from HEALTHeME

It’s the end of the day Andrea, take 5 deep, slow breaths NOW.  Deep breathing releases brain chemicals that lower stress.
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Our program was created by a Harvard Ph.D.

This allows us to use cutting-edge psychology, artificial intelligence, and SMS technology to support your health objectives. Our program measures your personal characteristics to develop a program that motivates you.

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Targeted tips

“I am always excited about the texts because they give helpful hints on the foods that you eat... I get kudos for drinking water and my weight loss and encouragement when it fluctuates.”

When you need it

“The text said ‘are you just sitting on the couch watching TV, if so get up and do some wall push ups’ It cheered me up because I was sitting on the couch and I thought they can see me.”

Change is possible

Tailored texts improve motivation while reducing stress and fatigue. 91% of our users said that it was easier to make good choices after receiving our healthy reminders.

Always here for you

“HEALTHeME was cheering me on when I lost weight. They always encourage me by telling me I can do this.”

Reach your goals

“It is nice to have texts that offer encouragement in general. It's often difficult to discuss weight loss or health issues with peers without garnering some eye rolling.”

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